Friday, August 27, 2010

Stay Dunkin on Em

Slover remindin ya that your game is just not that tight

slover dunk from Mike Goodwin on Vimeo.

Strippers and Beer

Not sure if anyone from the Vermont area checks this blog out but if your in the area ya probably shouldn't miss this one.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jersey Shore

I realize this post is about 2 weeks late but who gives a shit. Doubt anyone noticed anyway. It is true, we were able to finish enough of the video to have a premiere in New Jersey, and I have to say the event was a success. (maybe with the exception of the episode at the Berkeley Cartaret). I am not that into writing about my own stuff so I am gonna keep it short and sweet. Charlie and Maxwell, along with their homie Chris trucked down from Massachusetts, and Nick and Greg flew in from Denver and we got it movin'. Our buddy Cesar over at Don Chucho's was tolerant enough to let us rent out his bar for the night and we hooked up with DJ Skills who brought the fuckin' funk. Those who were present know where I am coming from, it would be nice to have Skills out here to replace some of the funboys we hear "spin" every night but thats neither here nor there. Special thanks to Gene Demeter, Adam Slover, Cesar, DJ Skills, Jack Laird, Caity at Red Bull, Ron at Spellbinders, Kyle Arc for the photos, Phil Mansfield for shootin' some video, anyone else who helped us put the premiere together and of course everyone who came out and helped us suck the bar dry.

Some Gringos reared their heads
Marty brought a friend
Loosen' up
Take ya chains make ya buy 'em all back
the Main Man DJ Skills
Cesar the Boss and Caity
More Homies
Chomko stay sippin
Slover and DJ Skills rippin' and runnin'
Jack givin' away some gear. Thanks again for hookin it up
Cuttin' her loose
Thank you
Nicole and Joy on point
This guy..
Phil Adam and Kenny, and Dan lurkin. If ya see this dan i would love to hear about the end of your night.
The man behind the lens, Kyle Arc and a lady friend
Matty B made it out
Get it Taylor
Lutzifer with the double

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

charlie crumlish part in BmxFUs "FUTU"

chuck crumlish from buffalo ny putting together probably one of the better bmx parts ever?

Charlie Crumlish in FUTU from bradhill on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

some friends from Buffalo NY. trailer for VelOrue.

VĂ©LOrue Summer Montage from VĂ©LOrue on Vimeo.