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Grendy's: The Chris Grenier Interview

1. Lately you have been coming up in the world of snowboarding. What is it like filming with the transworld crew?

Fuck.....Jed makes you feel stupid cause he is so damn good.ummm...its sweet. everyone is insanely good at what they do. especially the filmers.
2. You are a digger up at hcsc, whats the best part about it? (i would say its the bus rides back in the demon mobile haha)

Ummm....probably heckeling everyone, and getting a line cutter pass.....and digger holes.

3. How is Salt lake treating you these days?

Havnt been there in a while....but my roomates dave and simon are fuckin killing it at life.

4. Tell the world about SFK

Stupid Fuckin Kids...

5. What contests are you looking forward to competing in?

I fuckin hate contests. i seperated my shoulder last year in one...they seem to be workin out real good for you though.

6. If you could thank one person for where you are at now, who would it be?

Fuck..probably java fernandez. i would be fucked without that guy.

7. Who is your snowboarding hero?.

Gigi ruff, Clancy, lane knaack, bode merrill, code rosenthol, scotty stevens, beresfred, mike michealchuck, and austen granger.

8. Do you look forward to filming or contests more?

Filming is sweet for me...i like tryin to see how my part is gonna fit together in my head.

9. What do you plan on doing when the snowboard side of things is done with?

Fuck, i really like filming snowboarding and maybe that, or somethin

10. Snowboarding or skateboarding?


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday at Echo

Took a couple photos on the last feature that was built for last park standing.
marty takin it to the top
nick reachin for the double
without sweatshirt
with sweatshirt
jackson grabbin more tail
nick addin some vert
quarter to down rail


Tigar Escape V. Predator

Fun Night.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


the best edit snowboarding has seen, ya wanna know why?

team thunder meets G.A.N.D.G.A.S. from Stan Feeny on Vimeo.

its the best cause THERE PANTS GO OVER THERE BOOTS, NO STUPID HODGE SHIT, NOT ONE TAIL BLOCK, NO MISTAKE TRICKS AKA SWIVELS, oh and its not slow its fast how this shit should be.

old but so so good

Kenny Powers goes to Ashley Schaffer BMW

Thursday, April 23, 2009

great grab off

HAHA old 4/20 fun


Yesterday i met up with some friends at Kingvale. Now that pretty much everywhere else has closed keep a look out for more Kingvale edits. This one features Lane Knack, 's Nick Visconti, Jeff Hu, Myself, as well as Colorado's Eric Willett who is in town, and Zak Shelhammer from

Echo TV-Episode 10

Judging by the poll it sounds like you guys want more video well here is the 10th installment of Echo TV. Get up to Echo as quickly as you can because there is so much snow up there. Also, I have just been informed that Echo will be open next weekend May 2nd and 3rd.

ECHO TV - EPISODE 10!!! from Echo Mountain on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

so chyll 420- for all your heady coverage

a few of us walked around boulder yesterday to shoot some photos of the masses. While we did not have the pleasure of spotting michael phelps, we were able to find more juggalo's than i could have imagined, leading me to believe that the rumors are true. 
The ICP did indeed start 420. enjoy..more on the way
this guy was the man. at least it started well

notice the rad tribals to match
favorite of the day. kmk 4 lyfe
drum circle
ha lenny makin a profit
there ya have it


Knee Deep In Pow

Last Saturday it dumped in the mountains so some of my buddies decided to go and catch some air in 3 feet of fresh.

Bellows standing on the freshly sculpted jump

Bellows catching some air

Eric Sproat from Numchucks was there

Greg Airing through the arch

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring break photossss

some shots from when Andrew was in town.

ha greg is under that shit somewhere
Nick and Jackson
nick and I

Andrew was bleeding
Dr. Cutler

thanks to our buddy Rob.....

ColorTV did a little filming at the star the other day. Dan Pitbladdo and Myself takin a few turns. make sure you check out to upload you own and vote on other videos.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

mini shred

alex, nick and I dodged the rain in boulder to catch a rad backyard set up at our buddy bobby's house

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just in case you haven't seen it

Jed Anderson showing us why he is the boss.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Untitled from Andrew Brewer on Vimeo.

Skinny Stancin

Today Dupe, Cameron, And I Did Some Soul Skinny Boardin CHECK IT!

One day some BROS went BOARDIN

keystonee from Stan Feeny on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brandon Reis Interview

fill these out as much as u want to.

1. lately uve been comin up in the world of snowboarding. what are ur plans for the rest of the year and next year.

The rest of the year, huh, well I want to do my best to prove to my self, and I wanna lock a spot with a team, I want it to happen.

2. ur a coach up at hcsc, what are the perks of the job?

The perks to being a coach at camp, um having so much fun. Snowboard, skateboard, hang with cool kids.

3. being from back east, where do u officially reside nowadays?

I still go home to new Hampshire, but im right under the lift at northstar, pulled off a pretty sweet house this year. I plan on coming this way for more years to come. Something about cali just feels right.

4. what are ur goals in snowboarding?


5. what contests are u looking forward to competing in?

Well all the big ones cause little shit is wack because of judging. Hopefully rails jams tho. I want them to come back to life.

6. if u could thank one person for where u are at now who would it be?

Theres really one dude who made me who I am and where I am now. His name is BILL ENOS. HE is like a uncle to me, hes done so much and if I had to give back to anyone for what they’ve done for me in snowboarding I would give it all pretty much to him. Thanks bill.
7. who is your snowboarding hero?.

Bill, my family and my friends.

8. do look forward to filming or contests more?

Probably contest cause moneys good and I haven’t had many opportunities to film. But if I do go out and try to film I love it. The feel of getting a banger is so sick.

9. what do u plan on doing when the snowboard side of things is done with.

I wanna be happy, I wanna be happy with the girl im with now. Lindseys awesome, I couldn’t ask for more.I hope she feels the same. But ya I wanna be happy and have no stress like I do now.

10. what would u do with a billion dollars?

I would be happy.