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Magic Mondays

Here's a little edit off of transworld

Magic Mondays 11.2.09 from John Cywinski on Vimeo.

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Mark sparkin the ol' ticket

Variety Pack+COC

COC Summer of 2008 from Variety Pack on Vimeo.

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Not Bad Sean Black

not bad! - Gulli Gudmundsson & Sean Black from Variety Pack on Vimeo.

Stoke of the day

my main man jeff mansfield got the stoke of the day over at thrasher. give it a look

Gear Tips - Tip #5

Tip #5: DISCO FOOT help/prevention. I bet a lot of you probably have had your bindings loosen up making them all swirly when your riding, giving you what's known as disco foot. It feels shitty and you don't feel right on your board Well I struggled with this for a long time and always kept a screw driver with me since I would have to tighten my bindings a few times every day. Then I started thinking what was causing that to happen? I got new screws and it didn't seem to help. Maybe my bindings were old and the teeth on the base plate didn't fit like they used to? Got new bindings and it still happened. So then one day I realized where I wanted my stance on my StepChild JP Walker was right over 8 of the inserts. This got me thinking and I put 7 screws in each of my baseplates. I went riding and haven't experienced disco foot since. I would still tightened my screws before I'd ride but my foot never loosened during the day. I toned it down to 6 screws a few days after I did 7 screws and it's been great ever since. So if you get disco foot a lot consider this method to help solve it

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Snow Is Coming



Yay for Snowboarding.


Boreal JPI5 Sweatyboozehounds from Get in the Van on Vimeo.

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ohhh bhappy

bHappy films - Boreal- JPI5 Edit! from bHappyFilms on Vimeo.


Hot Mess Express from SPEC on Vimeo.

A-Basin Opening Day

Me and Jackson getting real funky with some homies!

Magic Mondays 10.12.09 A-basin Opening Weekend from John Cywinski on Vimeo.

Opening Day BOREAL

The Strip

Get In The Van and TheBangShow

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GET IN THE VAN full movie

Opening Day Is Here!

Today Loveland ski area opened for the 09-10 ski season. I think it's the earliest opening ever, and first time in a number of years they opened before A-Basin, which opens this friday. So get stoked, and those of you looking to ride Loveland in the CU Campus Cash coupon book there are 2 for 1 midweek lift ticket coups. This makes it just $23 each for you and a friend to get a lift ticket. I will be heading up there tomorrow and let you know how it is.

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Peach Hat!

PeachFuzz from Beebe on Vimeo.

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Opening Day!

Judging by this picture, my guess is that A-Basin will be opening pretty darn soon. Here is an old opening day video that will hopefully get everyone stoked to ride.

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Downtown Throwdown

Boreal Jibassic

Donner Summit, CA - Returning for its 5th straight year, JPI is taking a huge change of direction. It’s been a fun and exciting run of throwing a massive pre-season Pro Shred event but its time for a change. While it’s definitely cool to watch some of the best Pros in the Biz Huck for Bucks on your home turf to fuel your stoke for the season to come, wouldn’t you rather be riding yourself? Yeah, that’s what we thought so this year we’re switching the “P” in JPI from PRO to PUBLIC!

Last year’s expanded Public Arena was a huge success and that’s the total focus for the upcoming JPI5. We want you, our loyal dedicated park shredders to feel the stoke first hand this preseason and get you guys/gals on the snow as early as possible and maybe even some extra cash in your pocket at the same time. The $2k we used to give out to the Pros for best tricks, well that’s up for grabs in the public arena. Park staff will be looking to be impressed and will hand out cash, $20-$100 a pop, on the spot! Also, tons of swag from our park sponsors will be up for grabs as well. No bibs, no start lists…basically no rules other than your get to shred for a few hours weeks before the season begins and we got a ton of stuff to give out.

But wait….there’s more! Get your batteries charged and polish up on those editing skills. Totally new this year is the Team Video Challenge. 15 teams will get private time in the arena to shot a 3-5min edit for a chance at the $2k winner take all cash prize, thanks to Fuel TV. Teams will have 36hrs after the riding stops to post their finished video to their team page on our website. Also up for grabs will be $500 for most viewed video. Additional winning categories and prizes will be announced Oct 1 when online team registration begins. Winners will be announced 10 days after the event. All of the Teams and Best Trick winners along with friends and family are invited back up to Boreal for the grand reveal and thank you party upstairs in our Bar.

So, when is all this going to go down? Well, that is up to mother nature. Each of the last 3 years we have been able to make snow the first week of October in preparation for JPI. We want to give you guys/gals the best and biggest possible venue as early as possible. So with that said the event will take place the first SAT/SUN after we make snow but no earlier than the weekend of 10/11 -10/12. So stay tuned to find out the dates.

Date: TBD. Target: October 10/11 – 10/12 depending on snow

Public: Cost: $10 to enter jib arena, best trick contest

Jibassic Public Invitational:

1. Best trick contest
2. Prize: $20 allotments throughout public jib = $1,000 each day

Video Contest:

1. 15 teams max
2. Up to 4 people per team
3. Pre-register at starting October 1st
4. Fee: $50 includes video contest entry, access to venue and awards/thank you party
5. Criteria: Best use of riders, creativity, must include Boreal logo in production. All ridings shots must be from Boreal the days of the event
6. Video must be 3 – 5 minutes max.
7. Videos must be submitted within 36 hours of event. Winner announced 10 days from end of event.
8. Rules: no profanity, nudity, animal cruelty, alcohol or drugs shown or heard.
9. Prize: Best Video = $2,000 (winner take all), Most Viewed Video = $500

JPI 5 – Schedule of Events:

Saturday 11am – 1pm Jib arena open to public
1pm – 2pm Arena closed for maintenance
2pm – 4pm Jib arena open to public
4:30pm-6:30pm Video Contest Filming Session #1 (Teams only)

Sunday 10am – 12pm Video Contest Filming Session #2 (Teams only)
12pm-12:30pm Arena closed for maintenance
12:30pm – 4:30pm Jib Arena open to public

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This Video Sucks part 3

This Video Sucks - Fredu Sirvio et Markku Koski 4/7 Snowboard 2010 from SwitchMag on Vimeo.

Charlie's Intergalactic Birthday Party Recap

So last Thursday September 24th was our good friend Charlie's birthday party and it was quite successful. The night started out with some cake and Star Wars till everyone got there. Then after everyone had their funny drinks some dancing and other gay shit went down. The cops never came and everyone had a good time. Thanks Maxwell and Eric for hosting the party.

Charlie the birthday boy blacked out and peed in the sink, he also threw up on his girlfriend Lo's leg.

Well here Charlie's pants are down as Lo and Paul are about to do some face sitting. Dani is sitting there watching this completely sober.

Here we are
Lo made Charlie a dick cake for his birthday. When she walked in Charlie told her she looked nice, probably because she wanted to fuck him.

Paul ended up spooning with Charlie in the middle of the party

Nick grooving