Friday, October 16, 2009

Gear Tips - Tip #5

Tip #5: DISCO FOOT help/prevention. I bet a lot of you probably have had your bindings loosen up making them all swirly when your riding, giving you what's known as disco foot. It feels shitty and you don't feel right on your board Well I struggled with this for a long time and always kept a screw driver with me since I would have to tighten my bindings a few times every day. Then I started thinking what was causing that to happen? I got new screws and it didn't seem to help. Maybe my bindings were old and the teeth on the base plate didn't fit like they used to? Got new bindings and it still happened. So then one day I realized where I wanted my stance on my StepChild JP Walker was right over 8 of the inserts. This got me thinking and I put 7 screws in each of my baseplates. I went riding and haven't experienced disco foot since. I would still tightened my screws before I'd ride but my foot never loosened during the day. I toned it down to 6 screws a few days after I did 7 screws and it's been great ever since. So if you get disco foot a lot consider this method to help solve it


  1. well putting 7 bolts in your board would create a bigger dead spot then i could ever see being worthwhile. you should try plummers tape., or add more loctite to the bolts, or just get a body builder type fool to tighten them down for you so they don't come loose