Thursday, October 1, 2009

Charlie's Intergalactic Birthday Party Recap

So last Thursday September 24th was our good friend Charlie's birthday party and it was quite successful. The night started out with some cake and Star Wars till everyone got there. Then after everyone had their funny drinks some dancing and other gay shit went down. The cops never came and everyone had a good time. Thanks Maxwell and Eric for hosting the party.

Charlie the birthday boy blacked out and peed in the sink, he also threw up on his girlfriend Lo's leg.

Well here Charlie's pants are down as Lo and Paul are about to do some face sitting. Dani is sitting there watching this completely sober.

Here we are
Lo made Charlie a dick cake for his birthday. When she walked in Charlie told her she looked nice, probably because she wanted to fuck him.

Paul ended up spooning with Charlie in the middle of the party

Nick grooving

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