Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brandon Reis Interview

fill these out as much as u want to.

1. lately uve been comin up in the world of snowboarding. what are ur plans for the rest of the year and next year.

The rest of the year, huh, well I want to do my best to prove to my self, and I wanna lock a spot with a team, I want it to happen.

2. ur a coach up at hcsc, what are the perks of the job?

The perks to being a coach at camp, um having so much fun. Snowboard, skateboard, hang with cool kids.

3. being from back east, where do u officially reside nowadays?

I still go home to new Hampshire, but im right under the lift at northstar, pulled off a pretty sweet house this year. I plan on coming this way for more years to come. Something about cali just feels right.

4. what are ur goals in snowboarding?


5. what contests are u looking forward to competing in?

Well all the big ones cause little shit is wack because of judging. Hopefully rails jams tho. I want them to come back to life.

6. if u could thank one person for where u are at now who would it be?

Theres really one dude who made me who I am and where I am now. His name is BILL ENOS. HE is like a uncle to me, hes done so much and if I had to give back to anyone for what they’ve done for me in snowboarding I would give it all pretty much to him. Thanks bill.
7. who is your snowboarding hero?.

Bill, my family and my friends.

8. do look forward to filming or contests more?

Probably contest cause moneys good and I haven’t had many opportunities to film. But if I do go out and try to film I love it. The feel of getting a banger is so sick.

9. what do u plan on doing when the snowboard side of things is done with.

I wanna be happy, I wanna be happy with the girl im with now. Lindseys awesome, I couldn’t ask for more.I hope she feels the same. But ya I wanna be happy and have no stress like I do now.

10. what would u do with a billion dollars?

I would be happy.

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