Monday, April 27, 2009

Grendy's: The Chris Grenier Interview

1. Lately you have been coming up in the world of snowboarding. What is it like filming with the transworld crew?

Fuck.....Jed makes you feel stupid cause he is so damn good.ummm...its sweet. everyone is insanely good at what they do. especially the filmers.
2. You are a digger up at hcsc, whats the best part about it? (i would say its the bus rides back in the demon mobile haha)

Ummm....probably heckeling everyone, and getting a line cutter pass.....and digger holes.

3. How is Salt lake treating you these days?

Havnt been there in a while....but my roomates dave and simon are fuckin killing it at life.

4. Tell the world about SFK

Stupid Fuckin Kids...

5. What contests are you looking forward to competing in?

I fuckin hate contests. i seperated my shoulder last year in one...they seem to be workin out real good for you though.

6. If you could thank one person for where you are at now, who would it be?

Fuck..probably java fernandez. i would be fucked without that guy.

7. Who is your snowboarding hero?.

Gigi ruff, Clancy, lane knaack, bode merrill, code rosenthol, scotty stevens, beresfred, mike michealchuck, and austen granger.

8. Do you look forward to filming or contests more?

Filming is sweet for me...i like tryin to see how my part is gonna fit together in my head.

9. What do you plan on doing when the snowboard side of things is done with?

Fuck, i really like filming snowboarding and maybe that, or somethin

10. Snowboarding or skateboarding?


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