Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yet Another Contest

This past Saturday was Liptricks not Lipstick at Echo Mountain. The weather was absolutely wonderful and the 40 degree temperatures were perfect for getting our jib on. Unfortunately, Max, Mike, and myself were all feeling a little under the weather and we struggled to make it through the qualifying rounds. Aside from not feeling so great we had to deal with another obstacle, the judges. Both judges rolled up with 686 outerwear and Never Summer boards as well as designer spy sunglasses so we knew things were gonna be a little biased. After the qualifying heat was over it was evident that nobody wearing tight pants was going to win this contest.

The finals kicked off with the 2 riders who weren't wearing tight pants battling it out for the $300 first place prize and Max and myself battling for the third place prize of $100. About 10 minutes into the finals, Max took a bad fall onto his back which ended his contest a little early leaving me the easy victory. Jake Larue and Lakota Sage, the two riders without tight pants, both rode really well and Lakota was the eventual victor taking home the check for $300.

All in all it was a pretty fun contest but next year echo needs some judges with a little bit more open-mindedness.

Apparently this was the reason Mike didn't make the finals: because of what he was wearing

Obviously it wasn't his riding

Max had the best style all day, hands down

I tried my best, but i got another third place

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  1. Still means you killed it! I know have a library of Nick Brewer tricks going both ways... You sideways sliding fiend!