Friday, August 28, 2009

"Not Bad" video review

So, I have now officially seen this year's Variety Pack release "Not Bad" and unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations. The opening part in the video belongs to Alex Andrews and it is hands down the best part in the video and one of the best parts I have ever seen! Unfortunately the rest of the video just isn't as good. Ben Hanisch, Sean Andrews, and Brandon Hammid had some banger shots in their parts but they were only like 50 seconds long. Cameron Pierce has a really damn impressive ender but not quite as solid as Andrews. The music was good but could have been alot better and the filming was really well done with the exception of a couple of backcountry shots. Overall, I would give the video a 7.5.


  1. yeah alex andrews part was amazing, but i think it was like a 8, it was solid, ben, sean black, ted borland, brandon hammids, pierce, and mark sollars had such good parts, and the ender was super good too.

  2. Seems like 7.5 is a pretty good score. I've seen it a bunch of times. I like it. A little bit of everything and hardly any park...Movies with park shots are borrrrrinnnnggg. Andrews Im sure will be moving up after this season, at least thats the rumor