Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So yesterday I (Greg) hit my thigh against a tree when I slipped out trying to stop after this ledge. Unfortunately, this was the same spot I hit 2 weeks ago on a support to a rail. As a result it hurt realllly fucking bad. I stuffed my pant with snow on the bruise to help reduce the swelling and after 5-10 minutes of sitting I wobbled over to the car. I started to feel more nauseous and woozy and hot and thought i was gonna pass out. The pain kept getting worse so I had Max take me to the hospital. I almost passed out again on the way to the hospital and my leg kept blowing up. When I got there Max got kicked out for filming me haha. But I got some tests done including the pressure in my leg to see the extent of the injury. The doctor said up to 30 was ok but after 30 was dangerous for the circulation in my muscle. He did 3 measurements which ranged from 38-43. This made him decide that the circulation in my muscle was being inhibited by the pressure and swelling. As a result the muscle would be permanently damaged if the pressure and swelling was not released. He also said there was a risk my muscle could slowly die from lack of proper circulation. If this happened I would lose my quad muscle. So I had the surgery. Now I'm hanging in the hospital for 3-5 days with a 6 inch long 1 1/2 inch deep gash in my thigh to allow things room to flow. So I'll be recovering for the next 3 weeks while it heals up. Here are some pics . . .

Bruise 4 days after I fell two weeks ago

chyll'n bang show #1!

My leg all wrapped it

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