Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bangshow BBQ Uno

We had our first BBQ up at A-Basin this past Sunday, making it up the the beach at 7:30 to secure ourselves a prime spot(or 3). Although Mother's Day may have put a dent on the crowd, those of us who made it up had one hell of a time.

Katie is thrilled we woke up at 5:30
Early morning beer bong pokin' its head out.
Gettin the site set up
What ya know? Sudac man-handles the meat
Jack the Ripper brought his signature Swiss slicer
Sproat just doin' his part
Stacked Grills
Maxwell and the sweet summer shit
Trunk. Cunt's ketchup and a repossessed handle of rum
Carly made it out.
Kendra and Lindsey as well
Dani makin' sure Shaun keeps it right

Though driving home was a bit sketchy to say the least, we couldn't really have asked for more out of the day. Everything was on point, the weather, the food, the stolen booze, I swear the cheap keg beer was even better than usual. And for those who missed out, we'll probably get down again this weekend. Come on out and loosen up fool

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