Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Fishin: Jersey and Maine

Have had these for a while just took me a bit to get them up, its summer who wants to spend time on the damn computer?

Shaun landed another bass off Darlington

Shaun and I along with the rest of my family took a journey up to a cabin we have in Maine right in BOOTHbay harbor. We have a couple of rowboats up there, each replete with its own set of leaks but we figured we would take 'em for a spin to the ISLAND and back.
Could not find any large fish so we fished for small mackerel with fresh-water rods. The ISLAND in the background

Shaun gettin' it.
Not sure if there is a size minimum for these little guys but it is what it is.
Chop Chop

Man the Great Conqueror

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