Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's Really Good with Zach Cusano

I have known Zach for a while, I went to high school with him. He's one of the best dudes I know. He has an awesome ramp in the backyard of his parents' house in New Jersey, and is always down to have people over to skate the ramp, listen to metal, and drink beer. He's got a serious beard, and he's always down. Glad to see you are doing well in the South pal.

So Zach, how has the South been treatin’ ya?

- Good as hell. The skate scene down here is awesome.

Still hot as shit?

- Oh yeah, hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock. My homie Jack R. Cox always says that.

Jack is a good man. If I’m not mistaken, you two were having a beard contest? Fill me in on that.

- Yeah, the bet is this: neither of us can shave until I graduate college. If I graduate on time, that will be in 2012. I have been growing mine since March, and he has had his since May I think. I’m whoopin’ his ass when it comes to length haha. The loser has to pay the winner 200 bucks. And if we both make it to the deadline, we are gonna smoke two huge blunts while sippin’ on fortys.

That’s my boy. Getting curly?

- Oh yeah, like a Jew down in Lakewood.

Are you in school full time?

- Yeah, everyday, skate after class. I can’t complain.

It’s not getting in the way?

- Not yet, we’ll see how long that lasts.

I’ll shoot ya straight, I don’t really know anything about the South. What’s the skating like? Any spots or ramps you are hyped on?

- The skate scene is sick. There is a killer backyard scene, from mini ramps with lumber for coping to a killer vert bowl. I’m stoked on Matt's ramp, Otis's pool, and the hanger bowl aka the John’s island wreck center and there is this sick ledge spot by my house at the aquarium. You need to make it down here.

photo: Grant Montauk

The street was your thing for a while when we were younger. Are you skating any street or just pool-doggying out?

- I am loungin’ poolside you could say. I have been at the bowl the last four days.

Chasing the muff around?

- Haha, nah. I got a girlfriend.

Yea Lindsay right? She skates?

- Yeah I’m stoked on that, I got an awesome set up.

So after you both skate the hanger bowl, do you shower and then smash, or just go for it all stanked up?

- Hahaha, we smash in the shower.

Thata boy. You used to do some hunting. Are you still into it?

- I didn’t go this year or last year. I used to be into it, but now I would rather spend all that time I’d be in a tree standing, skating.

Zach, his basement ramp, and weapon of choice.

How do you feel about vegans?

- Vegans? Fuckin’ weird. I like red meat and potatoes.

And pink meat?

- If it smells like fish.

photo: Grant Montauk

So back up north you got a pretty serious set up at your parents’ place. Ramp in the backyard, ramp in the basement. Any future plans for the Cusano compound?

- So many plans, can’t promise they’ll happen though. I got a million ideas. Bowling out the backyard and the basement is the ultimate goal. Hopefully one day.

Where is that cash flow coming from?

- My funds are coming from the MCCU, the Momma Cusano Credit Union.

Your mom is the shit.

- She has been super supportive of me skating and so has Steve. I got the set up at their place.

Photo: Grant Montauk

I love them both. You will have to tell them that I said hi. I understand you just got on Bacon. What’s up with that?

- Yeah I just found out the other day. I heard Tim ( Johnson) wanted me to call him and I did and he said he wanted to start hookin’ it up. I’m stoked! Bacon is the shit.

Hell yea, I’m hyped for ya. Couple more here for you. Budweiser or camo Keystone?

- Budweiser for sure. I’m not hyped on Keystone.

Photo: Grant Montauk

Straight joint or spliff that shit up?

- Joint all day.

I am assuming you have not gotten any tanner. From what I recall, you were whiter than a prime bag of snake. Do people believe you are from the Jersey Shore?

- Not at first sight but they eventually do. Haha, I am super pale, notebook paper underneath the shirt. My arms are kinda tan though.

Abs for days?

- Always carrying a six-pack.

Ha. Alright, give me a break down on DTB.

- Down to Burn – it’s skateboarding and smoking weed. It’s the homies from Charleston who skate together. Fuckin’ the shit.

Hell yea, any travel plans for this year?

- Up and down the East Coast, wherever I can stop.

Photo: Grant Montauk

Maybe out west? Rumor has it the weed is cheap and the girls are loose. Denver possibly?

- Sounds sick, I will see what I can work out. So many things to skate out there.

Any sponsors or other people you would like to thank?

- Tim and Angelo. Angelo owns Parrot Surf Shop, they hook me up really well. I rep their shit hard. And Tim Johnson from Bacon, I am stoked to be a part of that team.

Any last words...?

- If you’re not DTB, then fuck you.