Monday, February 14, 2011

ASU Campus Rail Jam trip recap

So me (Greg) and Goodwin ventured down to the land of hot babes to do the Arizona State University stop of the Campus Rail jam tour. Hoping to show all those faggots what's up and make some dough, we drove all night and got two hours of sleep before going to registration. We both rode well in our heat and made the finals. Unfortunately, we did not place for a few possible reasons, (A) we had two hours of sleep and were exhausted from being out in the 70 degree weather in snowboard stuff, (B) ASU snowboarders are better than us and flips off the pole jam is what the judges were looking for, or (C) We were too heavily distracted by the abundance of hot ASU tail eye fucking the shit out of us each time we dropped in to actually snowboard well. Either way we had a blast and partied hard the next two nights. Thank you Dana, Megan and other babe we never met for letting us stay at the Sexy Palace, and we hope to do it again soon. Here are some photos and I may have some video up in the next few days.

Goodwin was scoping spots the entire trip
Coffee was key to allow us to drive all night
Highly energized during registration
Greg going in for the kill
Unfortunately number 420 didn't win
Goodwin getting down on the Wii

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