Friday, March 5, 2010

Back To The Hospital

Well last night Nick was doing pretty good in the Campus Rail Jam at CU till he tweaked his knee in finals. The medical staff assisted him off the course and we saw he was in the ambulance. He said it was fucked and he needed to go to the hospital so me(Greg) and Goodwin took him therel. They just did x-rays and gave him a brace. He'll get an MRI next week and determine exactly what he did so hopefully it's not toooo bad. I was in there with my crutches and he was in the wheelchair and the nurse came into the waiting room and said "ok now who's Nick Brewer?" unsure if it was me or him. Anyways it was a pretty sad sight around our apartment last night since we both couldn't walk. Charlie is almost all good to go. He made some turns last weekend and his foot that he broke was sore but a few weeks and he'll be back out there. I(Greg) will probably be out there in a couple weeks hopefully. The doctor this morning told me I could walk and move my leg all I want so I'm gonna really try and build the strength in my leg these next few weeks so I can ride again. Goodwin still has sore ribs and a tweaked wrist. Hopefully we'll still be able to get some shots this season in the spring. L8R
Nick in the waiting room

My leg all sewn up

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