Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mediocre Spot Of The Week- U.S. Department of Commerce DFD

This down flat down is pretty sick and there are other sick kink rails around it. It's 12 stairs flat 12 stairs, not too bad of a kink and plenty of room to approach and land. It's only frontside but the rail is relatively new and a standard round bar. This rail is actually located in Boulder close to CU. Too bad it's at the U.S. Department of Commerce building. This place has really tight security since it's a government building. It doesn't just have its own security but it's own cops. I worked an event in there and we had to show photo ID's to the guy at the gate and he had to check our names to let us in. So good luck hitting this. If you get a shot on this rail we'll buy you 3 combo #1's at Tra Lings

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