Monday, July 20, 2009

Gear Tips - Tip #3

TIP #3 - maybe you have or have not heard of these types of sites but they put one item up at a time for over 50% off. Some of the stuff is lame but some of it is pretty sick and its real easy to check when you're online. I've bought a number of things from sites like like pants, goggles, jackets, shirts, thermals, sweatshirts. The name is kind of um . . . weird, but it's always snowboard stuff and there are some good finds. All the items are brand new which is another good thing about this site. Shipping is reasonable and pretty quick along with a number of options and you can return items easily. It seems they sell pretty much every brand from my experience. For instance heres a Nitro T1 wide, I've seen the non-wide version up before along with some other good decks. They have multiple sizes and colors of items most of the time. This deck is for 59% percent off $160 from $390, pretty good deal

 Oh an this just came up while I was writing this. An Analog backpack for %60 off $30 from $75, good deal as well

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