Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gear Tips - Tip #1

So  snowboarding isn't the cheapest sport and winter clothes and accessories can get pretty expensive too. Some are lucky enough to be sponsored but a number of us have to get our gear otherwise. Some can afford to pay full price for everything and get numerous outfits and gear, but a number of us don't have those thousands of dollars to spend. Thats why I decided to give some tips to keep in mind for next season on how you can get things cheaply and keep yourself looking crisp.

TIP #1 - Is when you're on the mountain or in the parking lot to keep your eyes open for things buried in the snow that someone has dropped. Im sure you all have seen dark spots in the snow that may be a rock, branch or something someone dropped. When I'm riding down and see these spots I always check them out. Here are some things I have found in the snow over the past two seasons mainly on the hill and in the parking lot at Keystone and Breckenridge.

pictured . . . .
  • Drake toe strap - hey it could come in handy if a friend or myself loses theirs
  •  Forum spring glove - Maybe I lose my right glove or it rips then I could just use this one.
  •  A pair of burton mittens -  these were in the snow in the back of the Keystone Parking lot at the end of the day when most of the people had left. They probably fell off somebody's car, they're not the most stylish gloves but they will work for a powder day.
  • Scarf -  I found this scarf in the snow at Breckenridge early season two years ago. My face was actually pretty cold that day because it was colder than I thought and I didn't bring anything to cover my face with. But the second time I passed this scarf I picked it up out of the snow and brushed it off and wore it.
  • Hat - found this hat in the parking lot, was pretty dirty with mud but I threw it through the wash and now its all good.
  • Spy goggle bag - can always use these for something.
  • Skullcandy Ear buds - found these on the hill and they still worked! Rubbed the ear buds with a alcohol wipe thing to get any ear wax off them.
not pictured . . . . .

  • Grenade pipe gloves - the shuttle at Breckenridge arrived empty the one day to the parking lot and when we got on and went to the back I saw a pair of gloves so I scooped them up.
  • Oakley A-frames - The last day at Breckenridge this season me and Charlie found a pair of black A-frames with orange lenses. Not the sickest goggles and the foam was all ef'd up but still a pretty sweet find.
  • Cell Phones - I've probably found 2 or 3 cell phones but I have an iPhone so I have always turned them in.
  • Food - Atleast at Breckenridge and Keystone people are always dropping the free Nature Valley Bars everywhere so they're a great find and snack.

And the best thing I've found is . . . . .

A Canon Elph!!! - Yes, I was riding at Keystone early season this past year and was going down and boom I almost ran this thing over. I hoped back up hill and picked this thing up out of the snow. Checked if it worked and yes it did. Thought to myself hmm should I turn it into lost and found? Then I saw the pictures on it of some sweet bro's in Las Vegas drunk at McDonalds and videoing themselves trying to pick up chicks. So I decided to keep it and it's been awesome since. 

So keep your eyes open. Some hot items that can be found are iPods, Digital Cameras, gloves, food. People lose stuff everywhere and it's real easy for it to get buried in the snow.  Now this is not saying to steal someone's hot new Ashbury's when they leave them on the table to go get a drink, or to be stealing anyones board because that is not chyll. But at these big resorts tourists leave stuff everywhere so make your own call whether to take it or not. You can also always use the excuse that you're avid environmentalist and you're just trying to keep the mountains clean from the litter of the tourists if someone hassles you. 

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  1. yeah, dont go steal someones ashburys... that would be lame.