Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Foreign Vacation - Switzerland

So the last part of my trip I was in Zurich, Switzerland and then took a train to Engelberg the one day which is in the Swiss Alps. Engelberg is at the base of Mt. Titlis. I didn't pick up if it was pronounced tit-less, but it had to be something like that. Mt. Titlis is a ski area too, which seemed kinda sick.  I was so happy not to be wasting away in the desert anymore. Though Egypt messed up my stomach resulting in numerous bathroom visits my entire time there, which was awkward because I was staying with my ex and her mom in her mom's friends house. So I was with 4 chicks and one dude in the house, blowing out the toilet. But besides that I sucked it up and went and saw some sights . . . . .

Zurich was beautiful, really clean, nice cars everywhere, and the water was greyish green which i thought was sick
The countryside on my train ride to Engelberg was amazing. So green and colorful
At the top of the gondola about to get on the tram, couple inches of fresh snow
Top of Mt. Titlis, it was snowing and really foggy up there, the video in the lodge of the terrain park was hilarious, people getting so wild and not landing anything
Fresh snow on the top of Mt. Titlis, June 22nd
People just lock their back wheel to the frame of there bike and flick up the kick stand, they rarely lock it to anything in Zurich. You could just pick there bike up and runoff with it

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