Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Foreign Vacation - Egypt

So we decided the one Saturday afternoon in Greece that the following night we were gonna go to Egypt . . . . .  It was a little intense, especially for me being in a muslim culture for the first time, but here are some pics . . . . .

The Sphynx was sick, but the base looked all restored

The Giza pyramids were unreal, we walked out into the sahara desert around this ridge to look at them from far away

They let us climb up a bit on the pyramids, there was trash and camel poop everywhere around the pyramids

What a weird dick!!!

Abu Simbol was really impressive, check how big that statues are compared to those people

At the Valley of the Kings, where there were lots of crazy tombs 

Chyll'n in some tomb with hieroglyphics 

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